Today was Better

Daddy Ej went to the States last Sunday to go on a business trip, and he’ll be gone for 1 week. I’m not a sentimental person, but last night (Tuesday), I found myself waiting for him. It was 6:00 pm and I was just sitting on our bed and realizing that he wasn’t coming home tonight. Then I found myself counting the days until Sunday, the day he arrives. As of today, I have to wait four more days.

I think Zeeka also feels that her daddy isn’t home. She usually doesn’t mind Ej, because daddy Ej always bugs her and she gets pissed off, but earlier today, when Ej called via Skype, she opened her eyes and awakened from her deep slumber.

I hate it that my husband is gone. I usually do all of my stuff with him. It’s hard when your partner-in-crime isn’t home. It gets boring, since you don’t have anyone to talk to. It’s a good thing that we had a few visitors today who came by to see Zeeka. Today was better.

During noon, Angelo, Zeeka’s godfather-to-be (since the baptism will still be on May), dropped by. He and his wife Gretchen have such a cutiepie 9-month-old son named Matteo. Our conversation was about Matteo and Zeeka, mostly about their “baby milestones”. I had fun talking about our pregnancy and the sleepless nights that we had to go through, which they too experienced.

In the afternoon, I was excited to meet little Colin, the son of my friends, Candice and Chris. Who wouldn’t be excited to meet this little guy?!

Baby Colin in his Bumble Bee attire

Baby Colin in his Bumble Bee attire

Zeeka's first "baby-date" with Colin

Zeeka’s first “baby-date” with Colin

Aside from seeing this little stunner, I had fun exchanging stories with my friend Candice. Both of us are exclusively breastfeeding our babies. It was so nice to have a ‘kabarkada’ who is also in the same situation as you are. You can easily exchange notes and help each other out.

We, Chris and Candice and I, also talked about baby milestones. Colin is already four months old and can already carry his head without support and hold on to things. He’s really cute, too, when he talks to stickers on the wall and when he attempts to talk to adults. He has a cute laugh, too! Zeeka, who is only 1 month old, also attempts to carry her head, by our yaya and I are scared to have her do whatever she wants since she’s still too young. She sleeps and eats, but has this really endearing smile that I know will break hearts in the future. She’s a strong girl, and loves kicking people and things. She’s really tall, too, and had really long legs. The only sound I hear from her right now are “eeehs”.

Our fun day had to end when both our babies had to sleep already.

Today was really better. It helps to keep yourself busy and preoccupied when you feel a bit down, lonely and restless.

But, I still miss Ej.

Love lots,

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger

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