Toesox and Missing Yoga

I have been super lucky these past few days. I have won two contests in two weeks. One contest was of Glam-o-mamas. The prize that I won was sponsored by Certified Calm. Certified Calm was (and is) one of my favorite stores. Being a yoga fan, I bought a lot of stuff from this store before.


I super love the yoga outfits that they have. Yes, they are a bit expensive so I would really save up just to buy one, but these are all made out of really durable material.


Anyway, going back, I just want to share how happy I am with my prize. My prize was a pair of Toesox Five Toe Sandals. It is quite unique. Each toe is separated from the other. Check this out!



I wore it for the first time yesterday, when I went to St. Lukes for Zeeka’s doctors appointment. When I picked this up from the Certified Calm store in BGC, the manager told me that at first, these may be uncomfortable to wear. She told me to give it a week. Well, well, well! I wore it today and it was sooooo comfortable! And to think, I have bunions in both of my feet.

These Toesox, exclusively distributed at Certified Calm, have benefits (as seen in the Toesox site!):

• Zen for mistreated feet and toes
• Four posts support anatomical design of the foot to naturally align toes and bones in feet
• Increases foot strength and blood circulation
• Proper bone alignment helps to correct a variety of foot, back and leg ailments
• Improves posture
• Reduce foot and leg stress

Pretty cool, right! Anyway, this will be good practice for me. I miss yoga! I just recently had a conversation with my cousin, who is a yoga instructor at Yoga Plus and all the yoga talk made me miss doing and practicing yoga. *sigh sigh* Two months more, Ginger, and you’ll get back to doing all the yoga you want!

Missing yoga. 🙁

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