Typhoon Yolanda: What You Can Do To Help

I haven’t been posting anything new recently in both my blogs since I have been following the news. It has been just a few days since the strongest typhoon ever to be recorded in the world hit the Philippines. There have been more than 10,000 estimated deaths already and the number has been rising day by day.

People have been looking for ‘kamag-anaks’ and friends whom they know to have been in the area where the typhoon left the greatest devastation (Leyte and other areas in the Visayas). It’s really heart breaking to see people crying over the lost of their loved one/s, homes, properties, etc. There are a lot of people and organizations already asking for donations.

If you want to donate to the victims of typhoon yolanda, this is a great list that Rappler compiled:

I already donated through Philippine Red Cross. I’m thinking of other ways that I could help.

Have you already donated? Have you thought of ways on how you can help?

P.S. Sending out love and prayers to all those affected by this super typhoon.

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