WAHMeo Blog Carnival 2013 Winner

Two weeks ago, Martine, the founder of Wahmderfullife.com, Marge and Jenn from vasupportpro.com and yours truly launched the WAHMEO Blog Carnival 2013.

WAHMeo Blog Carnival logo

WAHMeo Blog Carnival logo

We wanted to know your thoughts on why WAHMEOs are geared to Succeed. We asked you about your thoughts on WAHMEOs, your Experience as a WAHMEOs, on why do you want to be a WAHMEOs and statistics on WAHMEOs around the globe.

We were so happy with the articles that we have received as entries. Sharing with you the inspiring stories of the participants:

SHED: Thoughts of An Aspring WHAMeo
This mom’s life: The Most Important CEO of All
Working MAMA: On Wanting to Be a WAHMEO
Davao Mommy: The WAHM Lifestyle: Realities, Duties, and Fulfillment
City Girl, Country Home: Precious Gems for You Work-at-Home Mommas
Mamabella Mommy: Living (And Loving) The WAHMeo Life

I was deeply inspired and motivated to do my best in being a WAHMeo. I can’t help it, but sometimes, I feel so pressured with all of the things that I have to do as a mom, wife and entrepreneur. It’s so nice to know that there is a group of women who understands what I’m going through. The mere fact that I know they understand is a big deal for me. We can all inspire each other every day and be the support system for each one 🙂

Also, for the blog carnival, we promised to give prizes for the best write-up.

The winner of the WAHMeo Blog Carnival 2013 is Dianne Kaw with her entry:
This mom’s life: The Most Important CEO of All

Congratulations, Dianne! You will receive a $25 Paypal credit, a business book for moms in business, and one (1) full year FREE hosting of a WordPress site.

Thank you to all those who joined! 🙂

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