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I wake up inspired every day. Well, for one, I really am a morning person. But the real reason why I wake up inspired is that I see so many things that I can work on. I see so many things that I can do to make the world a better place. Oh, before you unfriend me on Facebook and think that I’m a total lunatic blabbing about being a superhero and wanting to change the world, you need to meet me. I’m really this gregarious and passionate about making positive changes in our country (okay, and prolly even the world but let’s not get to that just yet).

I was recently interviewed by Mike Grogran, an international speaker about being an entrepreneur. I super (yes, I always use this word) love this interview! It was one of the most exciting and comfortable interviews I have ever done. Kuddos to you Mike for being such a wonderful interviewer. Before going on to read the rest of this article, please do listen to the recording here:


Best of You

I hope that you liked the interview! In my article today, I wanted to share how I am always inspired. People ask me why I’m always so “hyper” and when I talk about my mission in life, I’m always so passionate?

Find things that will make you fall in love again. I’m not talking about puppy love or crushes. I’m talking about about falling in love with LIFE. Find things that make you feel excited, things that put you in a good mood, things that make you lov life more! For example, when I want to write amazing articles or when I need a little bit of a boost, I open my Spotify account and play a playlist called Acoustic Morning.

Take a morning walk with nothing in mind. I often rush hurriedly, jumping from one task to the next. But there are days when I just take time out to go to the bank and I don’t walk hurriedly to it. I just breathe in and I get to feel more present. I get to feel and see (really see) things happening. And during those days when I start it this way, I am more focused and more productive.

Take up a hobby. Everyone needs a break every once in a while. Try to look for something that you would want to do during your free time. One of the things that we do as a couple at home in the evenings is we play boardgames. It relaxes us both and we get to spend time together.

Write down things that you are grateful for. It really helps to remind yourself that the world isn’t so bad. Your life isn’t that bad. There are more things that you should be grateful for! Having a notebook, a journal or a blog where you write down things that you are grateful for can make your more inspired. The next day, you’ll wake up feeling more confident and optimistic!

These are just some of the things… plus coffee that helps me wake up inspired and ready to face to world! How about you? Do you wake up inspired, too?

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