Wishing You a Successful and Healthy 2014!

Hurray! I had time to squeeze writing my year-ender post for 2013. Looking back on this past year, I have so many things that I am thankful for.

– To top my list (obviously), I am thankful for the birth of my firstborn (Zeeka) earlier this year. We have waited for this blessing and we are truly grateful for having her in our lives.

The love of my life, Zeeka

The love of my life, Zeeka

– I am thankful for good health. Even if I had dengue and Zeeka had the hand-foot-mouth disease early September this year, we all overcame these diseases and viruses. The best part is that our HMO covered all of the hospital expenses for my dengue. I’m glad that nothing serious happened to any of us!

– I am thankful for all business opportunities. In 2013, the Manila Workshops team got to pull through and implement 33 workshops (which was more than I expected!). Also, I got to launch two businesses, Kooky Loopy, a clothing brand for children and Memory Crafters, an event planning business for Children’s parties (which will undergo a lot of changes in 2014…so watch out for these). I am grateful also for new ‘sidelines’ that I will be pursuing this 2014 (all in line with my dream of helping others start their own businesses and helping them achieve a healthier lifestyle).

– I am thankful for the chance to meet a lot of new people this year and the chance to help a lot of mompreneurs this year. I am grateful to have built great friendships along the way.

– I am thankful for the success of this blog despite just being launched in January 2013. I was actually surprised at the number of visitors that this blog gets. Thank you to my loyal readers and I promise that I won’t disappoint you. Looking forward to more great articles that I want to share with you all in 2014.

– I am thankful for all the beautiful memories, 2013!

I am very much excited for 2014! There are so many great things that I want for myself, for my family and for others. This 2014, most of the things that I will be doing will revolve around helping others achieve maximum health and achieve dreams of starting their own businesses. Why concentrate on these two areas? Because I, myself, will be concentrating on improving and working on these two aspects of my life.

For example, for Manila Workshops this year, we will be launching the Entrepreneurship Series. The workshops under these series will definitely help entrepreneurs and mompreneurs start and run their own businesses. Another project that I’m working on with a bunch of friends is a fitness application that we hope to launch this 2014. For this blog, I will continue to discover new mompreneurs and help them promote their businesses so please feel free to email or send me a message through this blog. Feel free to comment as often as you want!

These are just some samples of what I’ll be doing this 2014 in line with the two aspects that I want to concentrate on!

Happy New Year!

So from my family to yours, have a successful and healthy 2014!


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